[sebhc] RE: Dave Shaw's H8 emulator in the archive

Mark Garlanger garlangr at verizon.net
Mon May 10 20:54:56 CDT 2004

It seems that his license is even more restrictive(It wasn't even included with 
the code, but I found it on David Wallace's mirror of the Heath8080A pages):

  The emulator itself is © 2001, 2002, 2003 by David A. Shaw. The emulator is being distributed as freeware. You may feel free to redistribute the emulator, without modification, as long as the copyright notices are included, and as long as you do so at no cost except for any cost of media.

  You may feel free to modify the emulator, but please do not redistribute the modified emulator.

It's disappointing to have these programs/code that would provide a good 
starting points, but to have the use of the code prohibited.

> Very nice, I was hoping the rest of that site would turn up eventually!  
> Now, is anyone currently in contact with THAT Dave?

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