[sebhc] Updated updated H8 emulator

Dave Dunfield dave04a at dunfield.com
Fri May 14 19:04:29 CDT 2004

If anyone downloaded my updated simulator earlier today, please grab it again.
In playing with it this afternoon, I found and corrected a few minor problems:

 - GO in the debugger would not proceed from a breapoint (It would immediately
   trap at the same breakpoint). Now GO ignores breakpoints for one instruction,
   allowing you to continue from a breakpoint.

 - I discovered that BHBASIC requires DTR to be low or it will not read/write a
   tape image. This prevented you from loading a .PID file as a basic DUMP/LOAD
   I have modified the virtual serial port so that DTR will be asserted (LOW) if
   either an input or output file is mounted on the device. This allows you to
   tell if a file is mounted, and also to tell the end of file on input (since
   my simulator auto-dismounts the file on EOF).

 - Fixed a couple of minor places where interactive prompts would leave the cursor
   in the incorrect state for PANEL/TTY mode.

 - I have decided to change the default tape image file extension from ".PID" to
   ".H8T", which stands for "H8 Tape" - this makes more sense to me than "PID"
   which has no meaning to the H8. I have also renamed my 'L=' load files to ".H8L"
   from ".PGM". [If/When I do a disk simulator, I will probably call the disk files
   ".H8D" for "H8 Disk"]

 - Corrected the copyright notice date in the help file (thats what I get for
   cut/paste from another file)

Just uploaded the revised simulator: http://www.dunfield.com/pub/h8.zip

dave04a (at)    Dave Dunfield
dunfield (dot)  Firmware development services & tools: www.dunfield.com
com             Vintage computing equipment collector.

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