[sebhc] Updated updated H8 emulator now in archive

Jack Rubin jack.rubin at ameritech.net
Sat May 15 00:37:12 CDT 2004

updated in the archive as well


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> Subject: [sebhc] Updated updated H8 emulator
> If anyone downloaded my updated simulator earlier today, 
> please grab it again. In playing with it this afternoon, I 
> found and corrected a few minor problems:
>  - GO in the debugger would not proceed from a breapoint (It 
> would immediately
>    trap at the same breakpoint). Now GO ignores breakpoints 
> for one instruction,
>    allowing you to continue from a breakpoint.
>  - I discovered that BHBASIC requires DTR to be low or it 
> will not read/write a
>    tape image. This prevented you from loading a .PID file as 
> a basic DUMP/LOAD
>    image.
>    I have modified the virtual serial port so that DTR will 
> be asserted (LOW) if
>    either an input or output file is mounted on the device. 
> This allows you to
>    tell if a file is mounted, and also to tell the end of 
> file on input (since
>    my simulator auto-dismounts the file on EOF).
>  - Fixed a couple of minor places where interactive prompts 
> would leave the cursor
>    in the incorrect state for PANEL/TTY mode.
>  - I have decided to change the default tape image file 
> extension from ".PID" to
>    ".H8T", which stands for "H8 Tape" - this makes more sense 
> to me than "PID"
>    which has no meaning to the H8. I have also renamed my 
> 'L=' load files to ".H8L"
>    from ".PGM". [If/When I do a disk simulator, I will 
> probably call the disk files
>    ".H8D" for "H8 Disk"]
>  - Corrected the copyright notice date in the help file 
> (thats what I get for
>    cut/paste from another file)
> Just uploaded the revised simulator: 
> http://www.dunfield.com/pub/h8.zip
> Regards,
> Dave
> -- 
> dave04a 
> (at)    Dave Dunfield
> dunfield (dot)  Firmware development services & tools: 
com             Vintage computing equipment collector.

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