[sebhc] Different HASL8 - Same bug

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Mon May 17 10:06:36 CDT 2004

Dave Dunfield said:
>I was able to
>load the HASL8 from the tapes that Jack gave me ... It's an older
>version (#4.01.01) than the one from Carrol (#4.05.00), but it
>has the SAME BUG!

That is too funny!  I wonder how it was coded in source to make the address 
reference off by one after compilation.

>you will need to use the /I option
>with my emulator to run HASL-8 (Perhaps I should make this the

My preference for the default behavior would be to emulate all opcodes just 
like a real chip would.  Do you still have me previous message where I 
listed all the codes and functions?

>The only one I know I won't be able to load is EXBASIC, as it
>requires 12k and I have only 8.

You could write a little program to read from the tape and output it in hex 
or octal to the console, and capture it on your pc "on the fly".

>Finally ... Is anyone actually using/testing my emulator? - I haven't
>gotten any feedback since the very first publication.

It's truly amazing for just a few day's development - your extensive 
experience in emulators is clearly showing!  I tried out most of the 
cassette software.  I think what will really get folks excited is when it 
emulates floppies.


- Steven

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