[sebhc] unpacking and ressurecting...

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Mon May 17 10:27:54 CDT 2004

The ressurection saga continues ....

My floppy drive's step motor isn't physically stuck .. it moves freely by 
hand and if moved away from home, it returns to home under program control 
... but it won't move AWAY from home.  So now I'm guessing there's a blown 
driver transistor for the other direction.

I unpacked "old number 1" (the very first production H8) and have it warming 
up on the variac.  Inside it was the breadboarded D-to-A board I made for a 
store demo in New Orleans (before I went to work at the factory).  A couple 
of guys saw it and started up a company to make them .. Heath eventually 
resold them as a 3rd party item (HA-8-2 I think).  They later made a color 
video card using a video-game chip.  All I got were samples of the 2 boards. 

I found a bunch more manuals ... still no floppies, other than a 
never-opened H-8-21 Microsoft BASIC still in the box.  (Does that have a 
"collector's value"?)  :-)   I also found a set of HDOS manuals still in 
cellophane (but not a sealed box).

More to come...

- Steven

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