[sebhc] H17 ROMS

Jack Rubin jack.rubin at ameritech.net
Mon May 17 18:11:59 CDT 2004

I located a 1980 copy of the TI MOS Memory Data Book, which I take to be
an authoritative source, barring misprints.

- Things start off pretty clearly - everybody makes a 3 supply 1Kx8 ROM
labeled with some version of 2708 (except for the Fujitus MB 8518H)

- TMS 2508 is a 5v 1Kx8 ROM
- TMS 2758 is a 5v 1Kx8 ROM with the option for pin 19 (array select) to
be active high or active low; pin 19 is NC in the 2508

- TMS 2716 is a 3 supply 2Kx8 ROM
- TMS 2516 is a 5v 2Kx8 ROM, pin compatible with everyone else's 2716
(including Intel)

- TMS 2532 is a 5v 4Kx8 ROM, not pin compatible with the Intel 2732

I've got a couple 2516's in the eraser now; I'll try to copy H17 ROM
dump a little later tonight.


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> >The only schematic I had handy that used a 2516 was for the 
> SWTP MP-09 
> >6809 CPU board from Mike Holley's site.  Interestingly, the text 
> >description of the circuit says at first that the EPROM 
> sockets on the 
> >board are 2716 compatible, but the parts listing for the board says 
> >those socket positions take 2516 compatible EPROMs.  The schematic 
> >clearly shows, however, a 2716-compatible pinout.
> Btw, keep in mind that there are two distinct familes of 2716 
> devices, and they are not compatible with each other. There's 
> the Intel type 2716 which uses a single 5v supply (not 
> counting programming), and the TI style 2716 which used 
> multiple supplies (-5 etc).

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