[sebhc] emulator resources in the archive

Jack Rubin jack.rubin at ameritech.net
Mon May 17 18:25:59 CDT 2004

> excited is when it 
> >emulates floppies.
> Thanks for the kind words - I am planning to do floppies, but 
> I must confess that my main goal in writing emulators is to 
> allow people to experience the actual vintage machines that I 
> have in my collection - to that end, my H8 simulator is 
> already pretty much there, as I don't think I can do anything 
> on it that I can't in the emulator (in fact the emulator has 
> a lot more memory so it can do more) - I will however add 
> disk support because a few people have expressed interest, 
> although I have not heard much since, so I don't know what 
> the level of interest actually is. (Now if I could find a 
> REAL disk controller for my H8, I'd have a real incentive!).
> I should also find out the details of the "Zero origin RAM" 
> option, as I would like to add that as well - that way it 
> could boot CP/M (?)

The hardsector floppy controller (H17) docs and ROM, as well as a ROM
listing are in the archive, as are docs on the H37/67
soft-sector/hard-disk and H47 8" floppy controllers. There are also
dumps and manuals for the XCON (0-org) and PAM37 options. I've got the
listing for XCON (not yet uploaded) but not the PAM37 ROM.

I think the H17 floppy system was by far the most common setup. The
ability to mix-and-match between real and virtual H8s and H17s would be
very nice indeed.


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