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Dave Dunfield dave04a at dunfield.com
Tue May 18 17:42:35 CDT 2004

At 21:55 18/05/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>>      .H8T  - H8 Tape image (same as .PID)
>Eeek... another extension for the same thing?  I was thinking about just 
>calling these ".tape", since its more descriptive (and the other emulator 
>uses it already).   Likewise, I was going to call pure disk images ".disk".  
>I'm already starting to create some and will put them in the archives 
>What'll be REALLY fun is when we can boot these in the emulator.  :-)

Hi Steven,

Well ... I can't find any solid description of what "PID" means in relation to an
H8 - from what I read here, it was the extension used by a company for an unrelated
program image file... I know I could not figure what it ment when I first ran across

I don't like ".tape" and ".disk" for two reasons:

 #1 - it's incompatible with DOS 8.3 naming conventions, and since my emulator is
      a DOS based program, it would not be able to use them.

 #2 - It does not tell you what machine it's for. I have a number of emulators, and
      it's nice if you can tell what machine a file is for ... ".DSK" could be for
      any one.

so -- I chose ".H8T" which stands for "H8 Tape", if I do a disk emulation, the
disk file will be called ".H8D" which will stand for "H8 Disk".

If someone can present a good H8 related reason for the extension "PID", I will be
happy to switch it all back.

Btw, the emulator allows you to specify an alternate extension if you really want to
use "PID" -- Also, if anyone feels really strongly about it, I can modify H8T to
recognize the PID extensions as an H8 tape as well.

You can already load .H8T files into the emulator.

I downloaded the H17 document today, however I cannot read it with my version of
Adobe, and I don't want to trash my full-up Adobe-4 install by putting on 5 or 6
reader or whatever the version is this week - did that once before. So ... not sure
how I will proceed, but for now it will have to wait until I can find a paper copy
of the document or a readable download file.

[Turns out that 1/2 or more of the documents in the archive are unreadable to me,
 which is VERY annoying - I've not seen this anywhere else - and I download a fair
 number of PDF's in my line of work]

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