[sebhc] HDOS 3 ??

Christian Fandt cfandt at netsync.net
Fri May 21 13:27:07 CDT 2004

Well, it's been years since I've been active with my H8 system.

I ran CP/M 2.2 with an H37 dual floppy and Heath's Z80 CPU option and 64K 
of RAM.  Learned Wordstar, Turbo Pascal (version 1.0, the CP/M release (!)) 
and Assembler programming on her. Was fun and I miss it.

However, last I knew when I last used the H8, lo these many years ago, HDOS 
3 had been just released or was about to be.

Can anybody bring me (us?) up-to-date on what's transpired since version 3 
had started to be released?

Is it available anywhere? Available in soft-sector format? Has it been 
updated and maintained since ~1985/86 or so? I'm really curious on this. My 
latest notes from around '85/86 are deeply buried in an unknown location 
within the dark, vast depths of my library archive in this house.

Thanks for the info!

-Chris F.


Christian Fandt,    Electronic/Electrical Historian
Jamestown, NY  USA      cfandt at netsync.net
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