[sebhc] Can I have BBQ Sauce with my foot...

Jack Rubin jack.rubin at ameritech.net
Sun May 23 21:52:15 CDT 2004

> I told you I might be putting my foot in my mouth, so here it goes...

Don't start chewing yet - you're quite right, the XCON8 is a 4K ROM
(both my 444-70 parts are labeled Motorola SCM91639P - I'm hoping this
crosses to a TMS2532). 

My old Data I/O seems to be kind of fussy about reading some ROMs, but
I'll give it a shot tonight or tomorrow.

> Who supplies the code at 030.000 when you only have an H-47 
> installed? Heathkit wasn't explicit about this.  They tell 
> you that you must have the HA8-8 extended configuration board 
> installed to run the H-47.  

As I read the manual, they state that you need the HA8-8 only if you
want to _boot_ from the H-47; without it you must boot from the H-17, at
which point the dddvd driver is loaded and  you can access the H-47
drives. My H-47 controller is only functioning as a serial port at this
point, so I can't confirm.

>  When there is no RAM at 000.000, no copy is 
> done, 

yes, but...

> none of the 030.xxx routines get installed, no booting 
> occurs, on either the H-47 or the H-17 (from my tests).

if you have the H-17 in place, there is ROM at 030.xxx and the system
should boot from the H-17 drives as advertised.
> Jack - I guess the 444-70 ROM image in the archives is 
> incorrect since it only contains the XCON/RAM8GO code, and 
> not the 030.000 binary.  I am also very curious about any 
> differences between the H-17 ROM and the version contained 
> with the XCON/RAM8GO ROM.

so am I - I'm not quite ready to join Dave in calling the H8 an
"appliance computer" but there sure does seem to be a lot hidden beneath
the covers!


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