[sebhc] Can I have BBQ Sauce with my foot...

Walter Moore waltm22 at comcast.net
Mon May 24 00:58:47 CDT 2004

> As I read the manual, they state that you need the HA8-8 only if you
> want to _boot_ from the H-47; without it you must boot from the H-17, at
> which point the dddvd driver is loaded and  you can access the H-47
> drives. My H-47 controller is only functioning as a serial port at this
> point, so I can't confirm.

I missed that.  I might try it to confirm it.  But I believe it.

> >  When there is no RAM at 000.000, no copy is
> > done,
> yes, but...
> > none of the 030.xxx routines get installed, no booting
> > occurs, on either the H-47 or the H-17 (from my tests).
> if you have the H-17 in place, there is ROM at 030.xxx and the system
> should boot from the H-17 drives as advertised.

I tried this, and the system did not boot.  Looking at 030.000, I only read
0's.  With or without the extended configuration card, it came back 0's.  It
might be that there is something not right with my H-17, I don't know.  I
would have expected the modifications made to the H-17 when the XCON card
was installed were to make it respond to the ROM disable line on the bus,
not totally disable it.  I'm not seeing that.

Anybody want to power up a system with XCON, without RAM at 000.000 and tell
me if they still have their H-17 controller ROM visible?


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