[sebhc] Emulator H17 progress

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Mon May 24 11:10:04 CDT 2004

>At which point the system executes a HLT instruction.
>Anyone got any ideas? What is a ?02 error?

According to errormsg.sys, it's "No Free Space on Media".   But I'm 
surprised that would be cause for a halt rather than just a return to HDOS.  
Unless...(wild guess here)... it was suddenly unable to write the swap file 
after already having used it.   Do you have it ready for download?  I could 
try it and see if I come with something else.

>I can boot HDOS, run programs, execute BASIC, save a program
>to disk, exit the simulator, re-enter the simulator, boot,
>load basic, load my saved program and run it - so it looks
>pretty good!

Oh yea?  So what did you change before that halt started?

>Unfortunately, due to the way the H17 drives work, I have to
>simulate the speed of the floppy as well - basically, if the
>holes come too fast, the skip sector function will not skip
>single sectors correctly.

Yea, timing is an issue with seeks .. but you can read and write as fast as 
you want!  (Just be sure to skip ahead to "no hole" condition after a read 
or write that starts on a hole).

>Whew! - getting this working has been harder than writing the
>rest of the emulator.

I suspected that would be the case .. but still, quick work indeed!


- Steven

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