[sebhc] various topics

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Mon May 24 23:59:01 CDT 2004

Dwight says:
>I've not done much in the way of a RAM test yet.

Remember the H-17 has the standard RAM test built-in.  Just set PC to 
030.003 and hit go 2 times.

>The current .disk is compatable with my .img format

Great!  But I abandoned the ".disk" name in favor of .h8d.

>There are many reasons to have something that is in human readable format.

I don't see that.  If someone wanted to "see" the binary data, any platform 
is going to have a handy hex and/or octal dump program.  But making it 
"readable" still doesn't make it intelligible.  :-)

Eric says:
>Are all of the other above formats soft-sectored?


>Does [the soft-sector controler] use the Western Digital 1771/1791/1793 

It uses the 1797.  The manual is in the archives!

Jack says:
>>Additions?  Corrections?
>how about the H67 - 10 mb hard drive,

I don't think this was ever a software distribution format!  We won't need 
to accomodate that one in the archives.  :-)


- Steven

P.S.  Hey Dave .. now that you emulate H17's .. why not exchange the PAM8 
for PAM8GO (it's in the ROM section of the archives)?

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