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Jack Rubin jack.rubin at ameritech.net
Tue May 25 09:35:55 CDT 2004

Neat - I'll give it a shot!
How modular is the rest of the system? Can you load/unload various cards
(e.g. memory, i/o)? Could you go so far as to emulate Carroll's system -
an H17 controller with no ROM but XCON installed? Is there a "bus api"
so that new interfaces can be prototyped?


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> >P.S.  Hey Dave .. now that you emulate H17's .. why not exchange the 
> >PAM8
> >for PAM8GO (it's in the ROM section of the archives)?
> Whats 'PAM8GO' is his a PAM8 modified to automatically boot?
> I'm not real keen to replace the ROM image, because that 
> would make it different from my real H8 - currently the 
> emulator emulates my H8, although it adds a couple of extra 
> cards (H17 and Memory). It is however still essentially the 
> same machine. Changing the ROM would make it not 
> representative of the H8 in my collection, which is my whole 
> reason for doing the emulator.
> However: You can easily do it yourself.
> It may not be obvious, but the L= command line option can 
> load code/data anywhere, even in ROM space. All you need to 
> do to replace PAM8 with another image is:
>   1) Use my H8T utility to convert the ROM image to a .HEX 
> download file (doesn't
>      matter if it's Motorola or Intel) - I'm not sure about 
> the H8T I currently have
>      posted - my latest one recognizes ".ROM" as a binary 
> file, however you might
>      have to rename it to ".BIN" with the posted one. Also, 
> don't forget to set the
>      A= address to zero - so the output .HEX file will be 
> origined at 0 - otherwise
>      H8T assumes the default H8 run address of $2040 (040 100).
>   2) Use the L=filename option to load the ROM image when you 
> launch H8.
>   3) If you want to make it "permanent", put the L= option in 
> an H8.INI file
>      located in emulator home directory.
> Regards,
> Dave
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