[sebhc] Emulator future?

Dave Dunfield dave04a at dunfield.com
Wed May 26 08:43:35 CDT 2004

NOTE: I discovered that in the last couple of versions I posted, I had
      trashed the context sensitive help indexs ... so when you are in
      various debugger functions the help that pops up has nothing to
      do with where you are ... This has been fixed, and posted to:
      Note that I have changed the name back to H8.ZIP - I am no longer
      maintaining a diskless version of the emulator.


With this release of the H8 emulator, I am officially "slowing down" the
development - I need to get back to some other projects, however development
will probably still continue at a pretty good pace - just don't expect
daily updates like you have seen in the past week :-)

Jack: Would you update the archive version from the file above and remove any
      old ones.


So --- Where does everyone want the emulator to go from here?
       What changes and enhancements are desired?

Here are a few I can think of:

- H19 terminal emulation

- Ability to redirect H8 serial ports to PC serial ports.

- Additional disk controllers.

- Ability to write-protect blocks in the expansion range so that you can
  truly simulate additional ROMs (currently, you can load them, but they
  can be overwritten by the application code).

- Ability to load I/O port handlers, so that you can install your own
  virtual hardware in the H8 (for an example of this, look at my EMILY52
  8051/80522 simulator).

Anyone have anything else to add?

Once we get a complete list, I will need votes on the priority of the items,
so that I can undertake them in turn.

Any other thoughts & ideas (now is the time)?

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