[sebhc] Emulator future?

Lee Hart leeahart at earthlink.net
Wed May 26 13:18:52 CDT 2004

Steven Parker wrote:
> Dave asks:
> >        What changes and enhancements are desired?
> >- Additional disk controllers.
> My top choice would be the "fantasy" controller that reads/writes PC files
> in a "mounted" folder.

Peter Shkabara's "CPC" program provides this capability with the H8-37
or Z89-37 soft-sector controllers. Running CP/M, it lets you configure
one of your 5.25" floppies as a PC-DOS format drive, so you could read,
write, and format PC disks on your H8 or H89. I have a copy, and still
use it occasionally. Since I don't have a PC with 5.25" drives any more,
my H89 with CPC is the only way I can read such disks!
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