[sebhc] Emulator future?

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Wed May 26 16:09:28 CDT 2004

Lee says:
>TMSI implemented a RAM disk for HDOS, Between us, we probably have the 
>source code for it somewhere.

Sounds like a nice addition for the archives.

>I would think that a similar device driver could be written to use a PC
>connected via a serial port as if it were a disk drive.

Yea I think that's what Jack was talking about.  So your real H8 could use a 
PC as a disk.  What I was proposing for the emulator could be much 
simplerand faster - just a virtual i/o port that you write to when you have 
paramater/data block ready to be serviced, and another one to read from to 
tell you it's done (the latter only necessary if you want asynchronous 

>Peter Shkabara's "CPC" program provides this capability with the H8-37
>or Z89-37 soft-sector controllers. Running CP/M, it lets you configure
>one of your 5.25" floppies as a PC-DOS format drive, so you could read,
>write, and format PC disks on your H8 or H89. I have a copy, and still
>use it occasionally. Since I don't have a PC with 5.25" drives any more,
>my H89 with CPC is the only way I can read such disks!

Can we add that to the archives also?  For those with real H8's, of 
course... I don't think we'd want to emulate that!


- Steven

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