[sebhc] Emulator future? + request for tools

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Thu May 27 11:57:39 CDT 2004

Jack says:
>The other thing I would find most helpful seems to already exist, though
>perhaps not collected in one place. This would be a toolkit ...

That's what the "utilities" area in the archives is for .. the top-level 
one, not the one under "sources" (the latter is for stuff that would run on 
the H8).  Emulators themselves fall into this category, but because of their 
significance they got their own :-)

Dave asks:
>Does HDOS support a non-native filesystem (aka: network redirector 

I thought it was up to the driver, but now I think not.  But if the H17 
emulation is totally generic, perhaps we can create large "fantasy floppies" 
and use Eric's fstool to move files in and out.

>Btw, what exactly is a .H17 file - I assume this ia a disk image?

Yea, as Jack explained, basically a dump.  Do we still want to keep those in 
the archive, now that they have all been converted to images?

>PAM-8 has no way of knowing that the instruction just interrupted was HLT
>or a multi-byte instruction ending with $76

I guess a testament to the accuracy of an emulator is it's ability to model 
a system's eccentricities as well as it's defaults.  :-)  It's interesting 
that this pretty much never happens on HDOS, which leaves the panel on.  I 
believe CPM turned it off.

> >Before I forget, Dwight found a pristine HDOS 1.0 image .. Cool - have 
>you tried booting it in the emulator?

Yes, seems to work fine.

> >...and the H17 write-protectable RAM?
>- it will not be
>write protected until the write protect bit is written to the control port
>- since the control port does not appear in the map until the H17 is
>   "installed", the RAM is writeable if the H17 is not installed.

I believe the actual behavior is to be write-protected on reset (I guess 
"when installed" too?).  But I agree it's not a practical issue because in 
niether case would it contain anything yet.


- Steven

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