[sebhc] Emulator future? + request for tools

Jack Rubin jack.rubin at ameritech.net
Thu May 27 18:12:18 CDT 2004

> That's what the "utilities" area in the archives is for .. 
> the top-level 
> one, not the one under "sources" (the latter is for stuff 
> that would run on 
> the H8).  Emulators themselves fall into this category, but 
> because of their 
> significance they got their own :-)

Unfortunately, with the exception of Dave's H8T contribution, it is
quite empty.  What are _you_ using to do all the file transformations
you've contributed? How are you getting from HDOS disk to uploaded image
and vice versa?

> >Btw, what exactly is a .H17 file - I assume this ia a disk image?
> Yea, as Jack explained, basically a dump.  Do we still want 
> to keep those in 
> the archive, now that they have all been converted to images?

Until SVD learns to read binary files, .h17 is the only way I have to
get files to and from my H8. 


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