[sebhc] H17 DRIVES

Carroll Waddell CarrollWaddell at sc.rr.com
Sat May 29 14:40:50 CDT 2004

Has anyone found an H17 diskette drive for sale. I just tried the H17 
controller board (the one without the ROM or RAM),  with XCON8. It says 
PRI H 17 , it is trying to boot, but it doesn't. Of course one problem 
is that I don't have a boot diskette, but I also don't have a diskette 
drive. I had a number of old 5 1/4 drives, but none that I've tried will 
work. It will turn on the motor when it tries to boot, but the drive is 
not selected, the drive select light never comes on. The old IBM PC 
drives I have do not have jumper for DS selection.  If anyone has a copy 
of the CPM boot diskette, I sure would like to borrow it for a while. 
(Assuming I ever get a drive.)
And by the way Jack, that H8 stuff did not sell. And I still have that 
EICO amp that I built in 1968.

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