[sebhc] H17 DRIVES

Walter Moore waltm22 at comcast.net
Sat May 29 14:58:54 CDT 2004

Are you sure that the drives are properly selected?  Remember that for the
H-17 drives, the DS select lines on the programming shunt are backwards.
A jumper on DS3 selects device 0.  For the 96 tpi drives, it is normal (how
did they manage that?).  I've not had any problems missing a termination
resistor, but I may have been lucky.  Depending on how the drives are
jumpered, the motor will come on regardless of which drive is selected.  You
can also try register A = 1 for drive 1 and A = 2 for drive 2 to see if the
drive is jumpered other than drive 0.

I've got a stack of these drives here, I can send you one or two that work
reasonable well if you need them.  I'll also look at the others if you want.
I've manage to resurrect a lot of these drives.

I think all my CP/M disks are soft-sectored.


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> Has anyone found an H17 diskette drive for sale. I just tried the H17
> controller board (the one without the ROM or RAM),  with XCON8. It says
> PRI H 17 , it is trying to boot, but it doesn't. Of course one problem
> is that I don't have a boot diskette, but I also don't have a diskette
> drive. I had a number of old 5 1/4 drives, but none that I've tried will
> work. It will turn on the motor when it tries to boot, but the drive is
> not selected, the drive select light never comes on. The old IBM PC
> drives I have do not have jumper for DS selection.  If anyone has a copy
> of the CPM boot diskette, I sure would like to borrow it for a while.
> (Assuming I ever get a drive.)
> And by the way Jack, that H8 stuff did not sell. And I still have that
> EICO amp that I built in 1968.
> Carroll
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