[sebhc] H17 DRIVES

Jack Rubin jack.rubin at ameritech.net
Sat May 29 15:16:47 CDT 2004

> Has anyone found an H17 diskette drive for sale. I just tried the H17 
> controller board (the one without the ROM or RAM),  with 
> XCON8. It says 
> PRI H 17 , it is trying to boot, but it doesn't. Of course 
> one problem 

that's good - you've proven that you don't need the PAM8 ROM -

> is that I don't have a boot diskette, but I also don't have a 
> diskette 
> drive. I had a number of old 5 1/4 drives, but none that I've 
> tried will 
> work. It will turn on the motor when it tries to boot, but 
> the drive is 
> not selected, the drive select light never comes on. The old IBM PC 
> drives I have do not have jumper for DS selection.  If anyone 
> has a copy 
> of the CPM boot diskette, I sure would like to borrow it for a while. 

Make sure you have the jumpers on the drive configured correctly - the
H17 controller works "backwards" - you need to setup SYS0: as DS3; SYS2:
is configured as DS1; HS should be strapped and MX must be open - check
out the drive strapping illustrations in the H17 manual. I'm using a
Tandon drive (with the IBM logo) with a hard sector controller in my H89
which is set up the same way - your "old" IBM drives may not be old

If I can stop breaking my H8 long enough to copy a boot disk for you,
I'll be glad to provide one, but if somebody else can help out, please
chime in!


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