[sebhc] Archive question regarding cross-posting

Jack Rubin jack.rubin at ameritech.net
Wed Sep 1 17:33:44 CDT 2004

> I'm inclined to take the view, with regard to copyright, to 
> "just do it", and if anyone complains, take it down after the 
> fact.  Some of this material has Intel, Motorola, National 
> Semiconductor and AMD material in it -- datasheets for CPUs, 
> math coprocessors, UARTs, video chips, etc. -- and it's been 
> up for years already, and no one has complained.  I can't 
> imagine anyone "pressing" a copyright action for damages 
> providing, that if asked, the material in question was removed.

This was also the consensus reached among SEBHC members at the time the
archive was established and is reiterated in the ftp login screen,
though I guess we should make sure it appears for html users as well.
The only material for which we have definitely failed to get permission
is software from Hoyle and Hoyle. I am still in discussion with Jim
Giloogly about his Software Toolworks material and until I get approval
from him, none of his software should be uploaded.


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