[sebhc] HDOS Issue #50.05.00

Dwight K. Elvey dwight.elvey at amd.com
Thu Sep 2 20:02:45 CDT 2004

 It is a day or so of work. I'm using a frame from an old
SA400. I just have to mill the blocks to hold the punch
shaft ( I think I selected a #93 drill for the punch shaft).
These old frames were quite strong. The idea is that
you put the disk into the drive and center the index hole
with the punch. The pulley on the back has some detents
drilled in it that a spring loaded ball bearing rides in
( or maybe a tapered setscrew ). Once aligned and clamped,
one would rotate the pulley and stop at each detent. The
location under the punch should be correct for each hole
so one doesn't need to punch extra holes in the envelope.
 It is just a side project so hasn't got high priority.
I have a long weekend coming up so I might actually work
on it some. I have a request from Barry Watzman to copy
some manuals and another fellow that is interested in some
of my Poly 88 manuals( the 8813 uses hard sectored as well ).
 It won't be a production speed operation but I'm sure
I'll be able to punch disk faster than I can find data
to put on them ;)
 When I get it working, I'm sure that I'll loan it out
to people. Maybe a hefty deposit will make sure that
it returns.

>From: "Mark Garlanger" <garlangr at verizon.net>
>Hi Dwight,
>  How close are you to creating a sector hole punch? At the current price 
>that the group of offered, I thought having some type of punch would be a 
>lot cheaper. I would love to have more hard-sectored disks, even if it meant 
>punching through the sleeve.
>            Mark
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>> It is good to get a nice cross compare. I believe the originals were
>> all converted from the h17 format. I see that you renamed them already.
>> You are really fast ;)
>> For others, I should note that there appear to be 11 new images
>> so for those trying to keep things up to date, one should download
>> what is new( thanks Dan and Steve ). I just have to finish making
>> my sector hole punch. Then I can have enough disks to use for
>> all of this great stuff.
>> Dwight
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