[sebhc] The 8-bit Runt of the Litter: ET-3400

Paul A. Pennington paulpenn at knology.net
Tue Sep 7 06:59:13 CDT 2004

    Walter Moore wrote:

>I guess I'm missing that important document also!  I'm also missing the
> schematic for the ETA-3400, so I cannot guarantee what I'm about to tell 
> you
> is 100% accurate.  It would be nice to see if the wires in 3 & 4 are
> correct.

    Walt (and anyone else interested);

    I recently picked up an ETA-3400 on eBay, and it came with the schematic 
and operation manual, 595-2271, copyright 1979.  If you still need the 
schematic, let me know and I'll get one run off at Kinkos.  Have you found a 
manual yet for the modifications to the ET-3400?

    I'm going to start a bibliography for all these manuals and put it on my 
web page.  There seem to be a lot of versions -- you noted three.

    Paul Pennington
    Augusta, Georgia

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