[sebhc] Boot ROM modifications

Lee Hart leeahart at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 10 13:29:49 CDT 2005

West, Ronald S. wrote:
> Wonder if anyone knows if there was a boot ROM mod to allow the use
> of a 80 track drive for booting an H17 disk?

You don't need a special ROM to do this; the stock ROM does it. The only
thing the stock ROM can't do is boot from a 40-track disk in an 80-track
drive (because it doesn't know enough to double-step).

Ray Livingston's BIOS-80 is the standard software for doing this (for
CP/M). He wrote a new boot loader to go in the boot tracks. The stock
ROM loads this boot loader, which then takes control and finishes the
boot process. It knows all about 40- and 80-track drives, and can
read/write/format any combination of 40/80 track disks and 40/80 track
drives, both single and double-sided.
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