[sebhc] OS (was: Boot ROM) modifications

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 10 11:56:30 CDT 2005

>I managed to get a ... [96TPI]
>drive to read a hard sector boot floppy and display the "(BOOT)" prompt on
>my H-8/H-19. It won't go any further in the boot process ...

Sounds like that floppy has an old OS version that doesn't understand 96TPI 
drives.  A newer OS or one with a third-party disk driver and boot add-on is 
needed.  I think there might be some HUG products in the archive that 
address this.

The big trick may be getting the new s/w onto a floppy so you can boot it.  
You might need someone with a working 96TPI OS to make you one.   The stuff 
I've gotten working here so far is all 48TPI.

Incidentally, if I recall correctly, 96TPI systems would read 48TPI disks 
but not write them.


- Steven

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