[sebhc] Re: I need 5 1/4 Hard sector CP/M disk Help

Lee Hart leeahart at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 14 13:36:20 CST 2005

bill malcolm wrote:
> HI:  all .   I lost email of  someone who said they could sell me a disk
> for $10.00
> I will still pay $10.00 for this boot disk.

I have them. Contact me directly.

There are actually 2, 3, or 4 disks for the H17 version of Heath CP/M-80 
version 2.202, 03, and 04 respectively. The 02 version supports only the H17 
and H47 disk controllers. The 03 version added support for the H37 and H67 
disk controllers. The 04 version added parallel printer support, and has a 
slick SETUP program to simplify building a new BIOS and work disk.
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