[sebhc] Re: I need 5 1/4 Hard sector CP/M disk Help

Dwight Elvey dwight.elvey at amd.com
Wed Dec 14 18:32:36 CST 2005

Hi Bill
 If you have blank hard sectored disk, you can use my
utility to transfer images from a PC to your H8/H89.
You'll need to have a serial board in your machine
and a PC that can run in pure DOS ( not a DOS window
under windows ).
 You enter about 50 bytes though the monitor of
the H8/H89 and use the program I provided to the ftp.
You can then use the images on the ftp. Make sure to
follow the instructions carefully! Some things have
to be done in sequence to get things running correctly.
It won't blow up but it won't work either.

>From: "bill malcolm" <wm65805 at hotmail.com>
>HI:  all .   I lost email of  someone who said they could sell me a disk for
>I will still pay $10.00 for this boot disk.

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