[sebhc] H67-SCSI interface

West, Ronald S. RONALD.S.WEST at saic.com
Tue Jul 12 14:38:01 CDT 2005

>From discussions about the H67 interface the other day I decided to compare
it with a standard 50pin SCSI interface. They appear to be nearly the same
except for the pinouts of the connectors. The data pins are the same on
both, starting on pin 2 with -DATA0 and going through pin 16 (even pins)
with -DATA7. Pin 18 is Parity. The other signals are all offset by 10 pins.
See table below for all connections.

* All Odd pins are grounded.
Signal    H67     SCSI
-DATA0     2       2
-DATA1     4       4
-DATA2     6       6
-DATA3     8       8
-DATA4    10      10
-DATA5    12      12
-DATA6    14      14
-DATA7    16      16
-PARITY   18      18
-Busy     26      36
-ACK      28      38
-RST      30      40
-MSG      32      42
-SEL      34      44
-C/D      36      46
-REQ      38      48
-I/O      40      50

If we are lucky and the modern SCSI commands are a superset of the old SASI
commands this might work. I ordered a couple connectors (couldn't find a
40pin and 50pin connector in my parts bin) which should be in later this
week and will make an adapter to allow a 50pin SCSI drive to be hooked up to
the 40pin H67 interface connector. A friend of mine has a 4.3G SCSI drive he
is going to give me for my "experiment". Will let you all know if there is
any success.

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