[sebhc] No Joy

West, Ronald S. RONALD.S.WEST at saic.com
Fri Jul 8 12:58:39 CDT 2005

There is no joy in mudville this week at the West household. I can't get my
hard sector or soft sector drives to boot. The common equipment between them
(beside the H8) is my one remaining TM100 drive. It appears this one is now
making lines on my floppys and it will not boot the couple disks I was
willing to risk inserting. I ordered a replacement 360k drive from someone
on ebay and hopefully that will get me back in business. Been waiting a week
for the darn thing and getting bummed :-( . 

Just to be sure it wasn't a memory problem I sat down and plugged in the
memory test routine from the H8 Oprn manual and, after fixing the errors I
made in data entry, it seems to have worked fine. It appears to only check
the first 8k of RAM, however. 

A routine to test all 64k of RAM would be cool if someone knows of one.


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> Jack Rubin wrote:
> > Docs for the H37 and H47 controllers are in the archive.
> I found 'em. There's plenty of text here, but no schematics, 
> IC parts list, or layout information.
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