[sebhc] list archive and a specific question

Mark Garlanger garlangr at verizon.net
Wed Jul 13 21:34:38 CDT 2005

Lee Hart wrote:
> Mark Garlanger wrote:
> > So, it looks like still no luck in finishing the H37 board. Since
> > several emails I have sent directly to you have gone unanswered,
> > in case of an email problem, I'll ask here...
> Hi Mark,
> I got your emails, and answered them. Or at least thought I did -- they
> went out, anyway! I answer both here and direct to your email address.
> Tell me if the direct one arrives.

Hi Lee,

  Strange, the direct email was not received, I even checked out the spam
folder that is on Verizon's server and it wasn't on there either. I guess I
may need to try my other email account.

> > Were you able to resend the H37 Diag disk? Also, one of the used
> > controller card I purchased has a bad 25-pin connector, Peter said
> > he had sold all the ones he had to you.
> I sent it once, but I guess I didn't have enough postage and they
> returned it. I haven't sent it again yet; I wanted to put it in a box
> with the connector and two of the plastic card mounting clips for your
> H89, but haven't gotten to it.

Are you referring to the plastic support pieces for the CPU board? 

> As you can see, I'm still struggling to get a working Z89-37 board
> myself. I have a Heath board that doesn't work, and that has defied my
> best efforts to fix. I have some bare boards, and so built one from
> scratch. It is *almost* finished. I have gotten the last few parts I
> need, but haven't had time to actually install them and see if it works.

After trying the first board, I'm betting that I probably won't be able to
get either of these boards working without access to an oscilloscope. So
I'll probably still need the board you're trying to fix.

> Again, I apologize for being so s-l-o-w to get things done. While I like
> tinkering with my Heathkits, life keep coming up with distractions!

Yep things always come up, but I still can't wait to get a working H37 so
that I can use common disks with the H89.


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