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Lee Hart leeahart at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 17 13:19:27 CDT 2005

Mark Garlanger wrote:
> Hi Lee,
>   Strange, the direct email was not received, I even checked out
> the spam folder that is on Verizon's server and it wasn't on there
> either. I guess I may need to try my other email account.

Mark, send me the email address of your other email account, and I will
try that. I receive your emails ok, so once I get an address that works
we can save others the joy of reading of our woes on the sebhc list.

> Are you referring to the plastic support pieces for the CPU board?

Yes. They are a black plastic cylinder, about 3/8" diameter, with a
#6-32 threaded hole in end. They snap into the H89's CPU and TLB board's
heatsinks, so they can be secured with a screw.

> After trying the first board, I'm betting that I probably won't
> be able to get either of these boards working without access to
> an oscilloscope. So I'll probably still need the board you're
> trying to fix.

Ok. I'll keep trying.
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