[sebhc] TM100-2a drives

West, Ronald S. RONALD.S.WEST at saic.com
Sun Jun 12 19:16:09 CDT 2005

Tried the cleaning (two or three times). Both drives are doing it. They got
a WHOLE LOT of use when this was my only computer. I don't imagine the
drives in my other computers here will last 20+ years. :^)

I will see if I can find a couple 360k drives somewhere. 



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Try cleaning the heads with an alcohol swab.  If they are single sided
drives, the pressure pads may be the problem.  Beyond that, there isn't
that you can do.  Electrically, you can replace these with any 5.25"
"PC" type drive.

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Howdy everyone.

I finally had a chance to work on my H17 this weekend and swapped out
floopy drives with a spare drive. They are Tandon TM100-2A drives. They
are scratching disks when I try to use them. Does anyone have a contact
might be able to repair these? Or maybe has spare heads for them? 

Also looking for a 720k 5.25" or 3.5" drive to play with.


Ron West
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