[sebhc] TM100-2a drives

Lee Hart leeahart at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 12 22:05:01 CDT 2005

>> Try cleaning the heads with an alcohol swab.

> Tried the cleaning (two or three times). Both drives are doing it.

I'm finding more and more of my old disks have either somehow gotten
dirty, or the oxide itself is coming off. The symptom is:

1. Computer, disk drives, and the usual disks I use with it are
   working fine.

2. Put in an older disk I haven't used in a while. It won't read.
   Examine disk, and it has scratches.

3. If I try to read one of my usual disks, *IT* will now have read
   errors. Examine disk, and *IT* has scratches (i.e. it is ruined)!

4. Take apart disk drive and examine heads. There is a brownish
   crud on the heads. Clean it off with alcohol and Q-tips until
   heads are clean.

5. Computer, disk drives, and the usual disks (except the one ruined)
   again work fine.

I haven't found any way to predict in advance which disks will create
this situation. Before inserting the old disk, it looks perfect from a
visual inspection. Yet after inserting it in a known clean, working
drive, both drive and disk are dirty and disk is bad.
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