[sebhc] More software from the junk box - just cover shipping.

Bob And Bettina Groh rgroh at swbell.net
Mon Jun 13 11:21:39 CDT 2005

I found some more stuff  for the H-8/H-89 CP/M version - a 'proof build' 
(I'll explain that later) set for MagicSpell. MagicSpell was a spell 
check addon for MagicWand. The material I have includes the manual for 
MagicSpell,  the software for MagicSpell ( on 5-1/4" soft sector) and 
the software for MagicWand (on 5-1/4" hard sector), Heathkit/Zenith 
license agreements and some other stuff - all in a non-Heath/Zenith 
3-ring notebook.

These were all 'proof build' stuff.  Proof Build reviews were reviews by 
Heath employee's (selected) of the final (hopefully) production ready 
products (in this case, Magic Spell).  Sometime the manuals were final 
production types but these are not - they are just copies of the manuals 
and have my comments scribbled in the margins, etc.  I also have no idea 
if the disks are any good. It has been a very long time!

If anyone is interested, I can probably mail it to you for $6 or so 
using USPS media rate. Again I'm just looking for a good home for this. 
I liked MagicWand but I'm really a WordStar fan - if I ever get my H-89 
going again that is what I'll be using.

Bob Groh

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