[sebhc] More software from the junk box - just cover shipping.

Carroll Waddell CarrollWaddell at sc.rr.com
Wed Jun 15 21:06:49 CDT 2005

Bob And Bettina Groh wrote:

> I found some more stuff  for the H-8/H-89 CP/M version - a 'proof 
> build' (I'll explain that later) set for MagicSpell. MagicSpell was a 
> spell check addon for MagicWand. The material I have includes the 
> manual for MagicSpell,  the software for MagicSpell ( on 5-1/4" soft 
> sector) and the software for MagicWand (on 5-1/4" hard sector), 
> Heathkit/Zenith license agreements and some other stuff - all in a 
> non-Heath/Zenith 3-ring notebook.
> These were all 'proof build' stuff.  Proof Build reviews were reviews 
> by Heath employee's (selected) of the final (hopefully) production 
> ready products (in this case, Magic Spell).  Sometime the manuals were 
> final production types but these are not - they are just copies of the 
> manuals and have my comments scribbled in the margins, etc.  I also 
> have no idea if the disks are any good. It has been a very long time!
> If anyone is interested, I can probably mail it to you for $6 or so 
> using USPS media rate. Again I'm just looking for a good home for 
> this. I liked MagicWand but I'm really a WordStar fan - if I ever get 
> my H-89 going again that is what I'll be using.
> Bob Groh
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Did you find a home yet for this?
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