[sebhc] LF: H10 reader/punch documentation

Christian R. Fandt cfandt at netsync.net
Thu Jun 30 08:40:26 CDT 2005

Hi Dave,

I've got a couple of H-10 punches and know there's at least one set of docs 
stashed somewhere in the collection. I can dig them out mid-next week or 
*maybe* before. We've got reparations for a big garage sale this weekend 
going on and it is a bit nuts around here.

I'd like to get them scanned but need to tinker with my new scanner to get 
good looking quality. Need more practice. Also, the larger size drawings, 
and I think there are several, cannot be scanned on my unit. It goes only 
up to A4 size. May play with scanning sections and the end user has to cut 
and tape - which is a pain in the neck, you know.

Regards,   Chris F.


Upon the date 22:31 29-06-05, Dave Dunfield said something like:
>Hi Guys,
>Just acquired an H10, and I am trying to find documentation
>for it ... can anyone help?
>dave04a (at)    Dave Dunfield
>dunfield (dot)  Firmware development services & tools: www.dunfield.com
>com             Collector of vintage computing equipment:
>                 http://www.parse.com/~ddunfield/museum/index.html
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