[sebhc] Z-37 Diag Disk

Mark Garlanger garlangr at verizon.net
Sun Mar 20 10:57:23 CST 2005

Lee Hart wrote:
> Mark Garlanger wrote:
> > Does anyone have the Z-37 Diag. Disk that is described in the Z-37
> > Operation manual? I didn't see it in the archive. It looks like
> > I may be able to get two Z-37 controllers, but their condition is
> > unknown. It would be nice to be able to do more testing than to
> > simply try it with some drives.
> Yes, I have them, and will mail you a copy. There are two; one in H17
> format and one in H37 format. Basically, it is an HDOS bootable disk
> with the H37 test programs on it.

H17 format is preferred since both I have no idea what condition the 2
controllers are in. They should hopefully ship to me in the next week or

> If someone can help find the missing parts, not only can I finish Mark's
> board, but I'll have parts so that others can build these rare boards
> for their H89s.

If either of these other two boards work, the one Lee is building would also
be available to someone else.

> Lee A. Hart  814 8th Ave N  Sartell MN 56377  leeahart_at_earthlink.net

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