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Barry Watzman Watzman at neo.rr.com
Wed May 18 21:25:57 CDT 2005

I wish you and others would let us know before you do that.  Some of us are
scanning this documentation into PDF files and making it freely available
online.  I can do that (scan manuals into PDF files) easily, unattended, at
over 200 pages per hour **IF** the manuals are unbound, but I can't scan
bound manuals without cutting them apart, which I'm generally unwilling to
do to my own copies of manuals (although I have done it, a few times).  But
if I had an "extra" manual .... a manual that I could cut apart, because it
were going to be thrown out anyway ....

I'll even pay the postage, in at least some cases.

And you might have thrown out a manual that I don't have, indeed that no one
has.  Right now, on Howard's documentation site, there is a several dozen
item long list of documents that seem to be "lost forever" and that various
people (including myself in about 5 cases) are desperately looking for.

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Well since I started this thread I thought I'd update by saying I tossed out
most of my manuals this week (actually recycled the paper but threw out the
binders). Must have been 30-40 manuals.  Mostly zDOS/MSdos stuff but a few
CP/M things that were duplicates. Yeah it hurt. Heath/Zenith was arguably
"best in class" at documentation in its day ... times change. (I kept the
disks though!)

<switching subjects a bit ...>

Speaking of CP/M if you haven't read Harold Evans' book "They Made America"
I encourage you to look it up at your local library. The book is about
innovation in America. He devotes a chapter to Gary Kildall, "the true
founder of the personal computer revolution and the father of PC software".
Fascinating stuff.

- Glenn

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> Like the originator of this subject, I am also interested in the answers
> and discusssions regarding Z-100 software.  I have a 'ton' of it (along
> with 3 Z-100's in my attic ) (and 1 H-89 in my basement) and really need
> to figure out what to do with it all. On my 'big' Z-100, I wound up with
> 4 operating systems on it - each in a small partition on the 10M (wow!)
> hard disk - CP/M, CPM-86 (lovely little system), Z-DOS and MS-DOS.  One
> of these days I'll get back to it.
> Also delighted to hear that Barry has captured a bunch of stuff on
> CD-ROM. That is comforting.
> Bits and bytes to all!
> Bob Groh, Blue Springs, MO.
> 'Heathkit Engineer from 1977 to 1981'
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