[sebhc] Heath Gear available.

Erik Klein lifo at pacbell.net
Mon Apr 17 15:12:26 CDT 2006

Hello all,


I just received the following in my email:



I'm trying to clean out my garage, and it's full of old computers.  Do you

any interest, or know of anyone in the bay area (I don't want to ship) who

might have an interest.


Two heath H89's, one which I believe was built from spare parts. I don't
believe either 

one is working right now. The "real" one has a graphics board and floating

chip in it. I have numerous disk drives and external enclosures. CPM and

software, although I have no idea if the disks are still readable.


Documentation as well.


Numerous Z100 computers, two with internal monitors. Some have hard drives.

One external monitor for the Z100. I don't know the condition - they have
for the most

part been in the garage for a long time.


Software and documentation.




An old Altos system with two 8 inch disks.



If you are in the SF Bay Area (or are able to get here) and are a collector
who wants to use the adopted equipment please feel free to contact me and
I'll put you in touch.  The current owner is more interested in space than
money so the items will be cheap to free for those who will put them to good


All the best!


   Erik Klein

   www.vintage-computer.com <http://www.vintage-computer.com/> 


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