[sebhc] Status and some additional disk drive questions

Mark Garlanger garlanger at gmail.com
Sun Aug 6 01:22:50 CDT 2006

Thanks for all the help everyone has given, some good news, I now have
my H89 with a total of 3 working hard-sectored drives, a second drive
case with 2 functional 96 tpi drives and a 720k 3.5" drive (although 1
of the 5.25" drives sounds really loud). Unfortunately, still haven't
gotten the soft-sectored controller working.

I have 5 other drives with various issues. If anyone has any ideas on
what could be wrong or how they could be fixed, let me know.

First, I have both an H-17-1 and H-17-4 drive that fail at the first
speed (36 mS) during the seek speed testing. All my other (working)
H-17-1 get down to at least 16 mS, and the two (working) H-17-4 drives
get down 8 mS (lowest tested speed on the hard-sectored
controller/diag program, so they should reach their rated 6 mS with a
soft-sectored controller).

Next, I have a H-17-1 that will just pull down the 12V supply. (The
power supply gets quite hot with this one plugged in. ;-) )

I have an H-17-4 drive whose drive light does not turn on (and the
drive does not function).

The last drive is an H-17-4, whose light turns on, but then causes the
computer to lock-up.

I also have an H-37 case with a blown capacitor. Is there an easy way
to remove the board so that I replace the capacitor? It initially
looked like it was screwed in, well I guess it was screwed in, but it
is also soldered in. If I could get to the back of the board, this
should be an easy fix.

Thanks again,
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