[sebhc] Awfully quiet out there.

West, Ronald S. RONALD.S.WEST at saic.com
Thu Dec 21 15:05:24 CST 2006

Oh yeah, it sounds like folks *are* out there. 

I have been busy as mentioned before but also playing guitar in a
rock-n-roll band (11 pieces - Horns, sax, trombone, the works) for the
first time in about 35 years (yeah, I'm really old) and having a blast.
It doesn't take *too* much time but I loose 2 or 3 hours on Sunday
evening, which would be my experimenting time. We are scheduled to play
the fairfax county (VA) fair this coming year, if you guys are around
look me up. You will know me, I will be the old fat guy in shorts, pull
over Disney shirt, white mustache & white [old guy] socks. ;-)

Sorry this is a little off topic for H8 stuff but what the heck. 


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West, Ronald S. wrote:
> Haven't seen any messages from anyone in the last few weeks. 
> Anybody working on anything cool? 

I've been caught up in lots of other projects, but near to finishing
some of them now... maybe I'll get back on my project of adding EEPROM
storage to my ET-3400 in the new year.
Timothy J. Weber
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