[sebhc] Awfully quiet out there.

Mark Garlanger garlanger at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 22:23:34 CST 2006

On 12/21/06, West, Ronald S. <RONALD.S.WEST at saic.com> wrote:
> Haven't seen any messages from anyone in the last few weeks.

This list seems to be very BURSTY- lots of messages or none...

> Anybody working on anything cool?

I've been out-of-town for a while and won't be back to my house (and
H89s) until Jan, but I did get a bunch of equipment before I left: Two
additional H89s (one with a working soft-sectored controller), a whole
bunch of spare parts, a bunch of REMarks, and some more disks. When I
get back, I'm planning to inventory the equipment, start scanning the
magazines, and making images and backups of all the software I have.

My REMark collection now includes issues #6, #8-some time in 85 I
think. If anyone has 1-5 and 7, it would be great to have those also
scanned. Anyone have a complete collection of the other independent
heath related magazines?


> I moved my H-8 out of storage and have it set up next to my PC. To save
> a little room and not have the H19 sitting there too, I am going to
> connect the serial line to the PC and use HyperTerminal as the console.
> Should be easy enough if I ever get a time when I am not working on the
> honey-do list or Chrismas shopping.
> Ron
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