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Dan Lanciani ddl-cctech at danlan.com
Thu Dec 21 22:44:48 CST 2006

Pat Swayne <me at patswayne.com> wrote:

|Benjamin wrote:
|>also, my cousin (a former h-8/h-19/h-89/z-100 user) pointed this out to
|>me -- i haven't scanned the list archives yet to see whether this source
|>is widely known here:
|Very interesting. I wonder how much other stuff of mine this guy has. 
|Well, it's good he has it, because I'm not sure if I still do. And 
|the whole HRUN package is there:

I have the original three-disk HUG version (885-1223, right?) whose images
I thought I had uploaded to the archive.  Did I miss those?

				Dan Lanciani
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