[sebhc] Awfully quiet out there.

Harten harten at injectstar.de
Fri Dec 22 02:35:42 CST 2006

Hi to all members of the sebhc-list!

I'm still working on my Z-90 with the soft-sector controller. And this
thing must have a serious problem :(

A few weeks ago i was able to read double-density disks, but not single-
density! Now this piece of electronic stopps working after only a few
seconds of heating up (20-30 sec.) No disk can be read after this time.

I checked the timing and voltage levels of the controller board - everything
is o.k. I checked the data-seperator and PLL chips - also o.k.

The FDC is really hard to find and of course expensive too, but i managed
to get two of them. Perhaps i get the controller working with changing the
FDC (WD1797).

Have some nice days!

A. Harten

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