[sebhc] Re: Was there ever a Unix for h-89 ?

bill malcolm wm65805 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 2 16:07:48 CST 2006

thanks for the help --   I was thinking of adding some kind of Memory
Mangement Hardware Maybe like the Lisa.
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> bill malcolm wrote:
> > HI :  I was thinking building  Unix for h-89  -- I have source Code for
> > Early Unix from ATT and C also .  So maybe this winter I may work on it
> > soon as I get  my h-67  harddisk up and running.  --  any suggestions.
> > bill ..
> Doing so would be a monumental task.  I know some have taken a stab at
> unix-like OSs for Z80s, but as far as I know, none got past the toy stage.
> never used one, but UZI is one I've heard of where the source code is
> (but perhaps in an indeterminate state).
> http://www.dougbraun.com/uzi.html
> Early unix systems got by on 64KB or ram or less, so it is in theory
> Just compiling the C code on your H89 won't suffice.  There would be a
number of
> device drivers to write.
> Good luck!
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