[sebhc] Re: Was there ever a Unix for h-89 ?

Lee Hart leeahart at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 3 19:18:28 CST 2006

bill malcolm wrote:
> I was thinking building Unix for h-89 -- I have source code for
> early Unix from ATT and C also... I was thinking of adding some
> kind of Memory Mangement Hardware...

A lot depends on what you mean by "unix". Today, people think of linux,
which is a gargantuan package, thousands of times too big for an H89.
But decades ago, unix was just another operating system; somewhat larger
than CP/M and HDOS, but still possible to run on a small computer. The
H89 is as capable as many of the minicomputers that ran unix back then.

One thing that helps a lot is to make it a single-user system. There
were a number of companies that made unix-like "shells" for CP/M. This
gives you something that behaves like unix at the command prompt, though
the underlying file system is unchanged.

There were unix-like operating systems like minix and xenix that ran on
Z80 computers. Did these ever get implemented on the H89?
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