[sebhc] Re: Unix for H-8/H-89 ?

Barry Watzman Watzman at neo.rr.com
Tue Jan 3 23:31:47 CST 2006

The Z-100 doesn't have a 286.

Or were you working on the 286-based Z-100 that Babu [Rajaram] was working
on, but that never saw the light of production.

[Surprise .... yes, there was such a creature, but only in the labs.]

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At ZDS I had worked on putting Unix v6 on the Z100 (but never finished).  
What got me excited about doing it was the protected mode of the 286 chip, 
and it's support for virtual memory (and a larger memory capacity overall).

The Z-80 and 8080 chips didn't have harware support for paging.

A Unix, or even minix (cut-down unix), for H8's and/or 89's would be very 
cool even if not resistant to crashing due to bad applications.  If you're 
working from v.6 sources, I recall them being pretty compact.  And if you 
wanted help, perhaps if you set up a CVS archive somewhere, a few folks may 
want to pitch in.  :-)

-- Steven

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