[sebhc] Siemens Drive Terminator

Dan Lanciani ddl-cctech at danlan.com
Fri Jan 6 13:51:43 CST 2006

|I either need a terminator, a source for a terminator, or a terminator
|description sufficient to allow me to make my own terminator from discreet
|parts for one of the Wangco / Siemens drives used in the H-17 and the H-89
|(the earlier, single-sided drives with the "full face" door).
|Does anyone have this information?

These networks typically consisted of 12 pairs of 220/330 ohm terminators
wired to pins 1-6 and 8-13 with pin 14 the common for the 220 ohm pull up
and pin 7 the common for the 330 ohm pull down (i.e., same power supply
pins as many 74xxx parts).  They are standard parts, but I'm sure I have
a few if you can't find them.

				Dan Lanciani
				ddl at danlan.*com
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